China may take first female astronaut to space this year

Chinese officials said Shenzhou-9 may send its first female astronaut into space, according to Xinhua reporter.Female astronauts are training to become part of the team which consists of three people. The successful astronauts will carry out the final training stage between June and August.The manned spacecraft Shenzhou-9 will take the final three persons to board the Tiangong-1 space module lab, which was taken to space in September 2011 and completed China’s first space docking with unmanned Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in November.

“The perfect docking between Shenzhou-8 and Tiangong-1 has laid the perfect foundation for the manned docking this year,” Niu Hongguang said to Xinhua reporter, deputy commander-in-chief of the country’s manned space program and deputy head of the General Armament Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

The public is speculating who will become the first female astronaut. Chinese citizens are discussing on twitter about their first female astronaut, and most of them are looking forward to seeing a Chinese female astronaut in space.

Translation: CaomujiabingDavid: [History of women in space] Recently, China announced that they may send its first woman into space. According to women in space history, America and Russia had ‘gender war about women in space’ during the cold war.

Translation: Er Xin website: [China may send first chinese female astronaut to space in summer 2012] According to a chinese local newspaper, Shenzhou-9 may send China’s first female astronaut into space.

IVY de KUMA: All of us should carry forward the spirit of solidarity and struggle with one heart! // @ Maluyinhe_Hao : Looking forward to seeing the first chinese female astronaut in space.

Translation: Huanxiangweilaidepihai: Cool female fighter pilots// @Tianshibingfeng: Women are not inferior to men! Retweets:-// @Lianganjunhua: [So cool!] one of them Is expected to become China’s first female astronaut.
original from:

Zhongguonvbingzuimei: [So cool!] Chinese female fighter pilots, one of them will become the first astronaut.

Watch the video on Shenzhou-9:

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Does Mars needs women? Russians say no

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